Everything about Natostraps – And the history of Natostraps

If you are looking for a strap that is safe, durable, waterproof and can be used for every occasion then the natostrap really is the only strap. Natostraps are perfect to use when you are at work, or when you are at home or doing your hobbies. If it’s a rolex or Seiko, the natosrap will work just as good, not like other straps where you often have to be more carefull.

The natostrap was developed at the start of 1970. The reason it was developed was because of the British military needed something more durable they could use out in the field. Before the natostrap they mostly used straps made of metal or  leather, but they wasn’t as durable as the natostrap which is made of nylon.

Today we have natostrap in every variation of colour and patterns. When the natostrap was developed for the British military it was only made in grey, but after some time they got theme in different colors. The colors represented which army rank they belonged to.

Why we use natostraps.


Imagine the normal metal bracelet, where there are two links for every centimeter. For every link there is a metal bar keeping all the links together. The links are normally made of good guality, but still there are so many moving parts that the possibility for something to break is much higher. Fortunately it doesn’t happen so often, but it happens and that is one of the reason so many people use natostrap for their daily beater.

If one of the metal bars or a spring bar falls off on your bracelet there is a big chance it will damage your watch badly. It’s here the natostrap really stands out, even though the nato strap also uses springbars it will not fall off your wrist if one of the sprinbars breaks. Because the natostrap will still be secured in of the springbars safe around your wrist. There are no other straps than the natostrap which has this feature.

Even though you are using a natostrap it is still important that you make sure you are using the correct springbars. And if one of the springbars brake you should not use the watch until you get it sorted out.

It goes to everything

It’s never wrong to use a natostrap, you might have to use a black or an other discrete strap but you can always use a natostrap. If you have a 100 or 10.000 dollar watch a nato is still perfect. And as we talked about before, it’s safer to use a natostrap. If you don’t like the rough look of most natostraps you will probably like seatbelt natos, they are silky smooth.


A good natostrap will be with you for many good years.  They can easily withstand being in rough environments, water and just normal wear and tear.

Never tried a natostrap? Well now is a good time to try one.

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