Everything about Tudor Black bay 58 – Buyer`s guide and review

If you’re a watch hobbyist or even a professional watch maker, you are most probably exposed to a style of watch over and over again: the dive watch.

With concentration on the intriguing dive watches of the 1950s and 1960s which are regularly seen on the wrists of people nowadays.

You might be thinking about one watch right now with a minimalist and subtle approach, but with a classic and vintage dial, a bezel that rotates, and a sturdy case that’s manufactured to be protected from the elements.

It’s actually timeless. And it has been duplicated and improved on several times. This routine will continue as long as watch lovers remain obsessed with the unmistakable style of the dive watch.

Introducing the Tudor Black Bay fifty eight (58), which was first put out into the market in 2018. Its name came from the classic Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner Big Crown with Reference 7924, which was released in 1958. This is where the 58 came from.

Tudor wants to pay tribute to one of its original watches where it got its initial successes from. The Tudor BB58 has dimensions and features which reflect this lofty horological legacy. The Tudor BB58 is perfect for slim wrists but is also a joy to vintage watch hobbyists.


This watch with reference 79030N which debuted in 2018 makes people raise their eyebrows because it seems so much like a close cousin of the Rolex. Or is it really a Rolex?

The make and and design of the the Tudor BB58 got you seriously to thinking on how many trained former Rolex workers from the Rolex Plan-les-Ouates are working in the Tudor factories? And how many machinists and dial makers from Rolex Chene-Bourg have also transferred their skills into Tudor hands?

How about from Rolex Biene? How many movement assemblers have transferred their wares to Tudor?

Or it could be some prominent economists were hired by Rolex and they foresaw the future accurately. Rolex secretly invested in Tudor, beyond the watchful public’s eyes. If they did, they really have good business acumen.


The very first time we’ve heard about the Tudor Black Bay collection was when it was launched in 2012. It has since then became the best selling breadwinner of Tudor and from any indication, it will continue to rake in huge sales for the company.

The style of the collection can be considered as modern vintage. They combine elements of the nostalgic old and the exciting new. Tudor has managed to managed to accomplish this balancing act through the Tudor Black Bay collection. They created a modern dive watch with goodies from the good old past.

To accomplish this, Tudor reviewed not only its history but also the horological past of watch competitors. The 1950s was a period when mechanical dive watches were being noticed and appreciated. In 1953, the Fifty Fathoms of Blancpain was launched. In that same year, the Rolex Submariner quietly followed.

Tudor was not to be outdone. In 1954, the Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner Ref 7922 finally was released. It set the pace for the dial layout and the defined bezel design that would make the Tudor Submariner range distinct and that would make it one of the forefathers of the Tudor Black Bay 58.


The Black Bay series redefined Tudor, repositioned it in the market, and set it back on the road to watch sales success. Before the advent of the BB58 IN 2018, many milestones happened before it was launched.

As mentioned above, Tudor Black Bay was launched in 2012 with a burgundy bezel. Throughout the years, innovations were introduced:

1) 2014. The midnight blue bezel was introduced with indices and hands which were silver in presentation.

2) 2015. The black bezel with the gilt dial and the red triangle were presented to the public.

3) 2016. The launch of the movement with reference 79230 with in house caliber MT5602. It has 70 hours power reserve and COSC certification.

4) 2018. This is when the Tudor Black Bay 58 was eventually launched. It went deeper into the vintage archives but also got quite close to approximating the iconic Big Crown models like the Tudor Submariner of 1958 which is its main inspiration. The whole essence of Tudor BB58 is slimmer, smaller and simpler overall design.


1) It has a black dial so as to be clearly seen underwater. The arrangement of the luminescent index markers are very legible. This means an oversized triangle at 12 o’clock and circular hour markers sharing intermittent space with rectangles at the 3, 6 and 9 locations.

The minute tracks around the periphery are backtracked by a complete circle. And the rotating bezel with the coin edges together with the 60 minute counter are charmers.

2) The Big Crown ref 7924 which came out in 1958 is a fountain of influence for the BB58. From its name itself, it espouses an oversized and unprotected crown. It is a key feature actually on all present day Black Bays.

3) The 37 mm Submariner case was made thicker to 39 mm on the BB58. And it is supplied with a larger screw down crown. The BB58 also has a Plexiglass crystal similar to that of the Tropic. This means better resistance to water pressure. This domed Sapphire crystal is standard on the BB58 and some other Black Bays.

4) The other features of the Tudor BB58 is an amalgam of many different references. The other Black Bays together with the BB58, come from the 1969 references, which are the 7016 and the 7021. Most prominent are the square shaped hands which are popularly known by watch collectors as Snowflakes. And also the shield logo, which is the replacement of the Tudor rose.

Clever design and careful use of subtlety has made Black Bays some of the most in demand dive watches at present. What was overlooked was that they were a bit too large. The BB58 filled this need for a slimmer modern dive watch with vintage features.


So many people are looking for retro styled watches in the present day. But not all pretenders for these kinds of watches experience phenomenal success in the market. It’s the feel of authenticity that they are looking for and watches that gives off heat that resonates strongly to watch buyers have every reason for success. Both in the first owner category and in the pre owned sector.

The Black Bay 58 is one watch that clicked resoundly with its audience. It exudes authenticity par excellence! What makes it so attractive:

1) Its steel case measuring 39 mm is bigger than the original 37 mm. But it’s also smaller than the previous Black Bay standard of 41 mm. Just like what many watch hobbyists are asking for, it’s a noticeably slim 11.9 mm. For proportionality, the lug width is reduced to 20 mm. The end result is a very presentable and a very wearable dive watch.

2) Its black dial and gilt finish are similar to what can be seen on standard Black Bay watches. These gilt dials are throwbacks to what were popular in the 1950s. So expect that all the markings on its dial are gold coated. But sometimes, you could see a single line in white.

If you’re familiar, ref 7924 also had a gilt dial. So, as a consequence of its design being based on this retro reference, the 58’s hands, indices and inscriptions are all pink and gold plated. The watch makers are also expecting you to bask in splendor when you see other trademark features here that only a vintage Tudor dive watch can offer. Features like the minute track of the black and steel bezel which rotates unidirectionally and features a traditional red triangle at 12 o’clock. It has a 60 minutes graduated disc in matt black anodised aluminum.

3) The 58 refers to the year 1958 when the pioneering Tudor Diver’s Watch (with ref 7924) which was waterproof to 200 meters, was launched. The BB58’s 39 mm case is also a respectful nod to the characteristic proportions of dive watches in the 1950s

4) The Manufacture Calibre MT5402. The Tudor Black Bay 58 hides its movement inside. The back of its case is solid opaque instead of transparent. But the movement is a very important component of the Tudor Black Bay 58. It is the brains.

MT5402 is Tudor’s second family of movements, which has a 3 year gap with the first calibre which was made internally in the Tudor house. This movement is specially designed for medium sized Tudors. It measures 26 mm in diameter and holds a display of hour, minute and second functions.

Its appearance and finish is typical of Tudor manufacture calibres. The openwork rotor is satin brushed in its entirety and the bridges and mainplate have alternate laser decorations and sand blasted surfaces. Its design ensures a long service life, reliable function and robustness. The strong traversing bridge with a two point fixation maintains its variable inertia balance. It also has a 70 hour power reserve which is above par for these types of watches. It has been certified as a chronometer by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute.

5) It is waterproof up to 200 meters or 660 feet.

6) It has a screw down winding crown made of steel, with the Tudor rose design. It has a circular satin brushed steel winding crown tube.


The BB 58 has the following choices when it comes to bracelets :

1) A riveted steel bracelet that has a polished and satin finish.

2) A leather or soft touch strap which has a folding stainless steel clasp. It gives a formal or dressed up feeling. Some say that leather straps should be banned from Diver’s Watches because they say it’s not practical at all. You’re expected to swim or dive with your BB 58 still on your wrist, but that’s impossible with a leather strap. The leather strap, when it experiences being wet, and is being hung up to dry, will smell in a most obnoxious way.

This sentiment is also being shared when this same leather strap catches the heat of summer and sweat makes it really smell bad.

But if you are into leather straps for your watches, it’s just fine. Don’t just wear it when you’re out in the elements or you’re going to take a dip in the pool or the ocean.

3) A fabric strap. This is a signature feature from Tudor wherein the fabric strap is manufactured using the Jacquard technique, a long practiced method executed by a century old family business coming from the St Etienne region in France. It is also the same company which manufactures parachutes for the French Navy. The fabric strap is made from a material resembling flannel.

The purpose of the fabric strap is that your BB 58 will be protected by 2 spring bars, not like the steel or leather bracelet wherein if you happen to break or drop one of the spring bars, the watch itself will not drop to the ground because it is still attached to the other side with another spring bar.

Some people say that even though you have bracelet options, a BB 58 is not a BB 58 without the steel riveted bracelet attached to it. They say it’s incomplete and you should be dissatisfied if you compromise with the other bracelets.

They say it’s a dive watch, so it would look really funny with a leather or fabric strap.

The steel riveted bracelet is a favorite bracelet of most BB 58 owners. Its links are solid which is unlike the folded links in most vintage rivet bracelets. The caps on its sides make it look like a bracelet from a half century ago.

This steel bracelet is easy to adjust to the size that you can call your own. Just be able to take hold of the correct size screwdriver. Then remove some links from both sides of the clasp. You don’t have to get the services of a watch maker to be able to accomplish this. This is one thing you can do DIY.

This adjustable bracelet is one user friendly feature that has been ignored by many watchmakers. There are only 3 sets of holes for the micro adjustments that need to be made.

One complaint though, the set of holes should be 5 to make way for different diameters of wrists. These adjustments go a long way in adding comfort to the watch owner.


When the BB 58 first came out in 2018, it featured a black dial. Just recently, Tudor came out with another BB 58 version with a blue dial.

Actually, in 1969, Tudor launched a Diver’s Watch which also had a blue dial and bezel, aptly nicknamed the Tudor Blue. Thereafter, all the other sport watches in the collection were also bedecked in blue, which created a lasting coloring legacy which has since then been also known as the Tudor Blue. This blue Diver’s Watch were adopted by the French Navy during the 1970s and this image became an integral part of the French Navyman with the blue dialed Diver’s Watch on his wrist.

The recently introduced Tudor Black Bay 58 with the blue dial and bezel follows through with this tradition.

This color is also seen on the optional soft touch or leather strap that goes with a purchase of a BB 58.


1) With Blue Dial and Steel Bracelet


2) With Blue Dial and Blue Soft Touch Strap


3) With Blue Dial and Blue Fabric Strap


4) With Black Dial and Steel Bracelet


5) With Black Dial and Brown Leather Strap


6) With Black Dial and Fabric Strap



The BB 58 took its cue from the Heritage Black Bay which was introduced in 2012. The Heritage Black Bay is essentially Tudor’s present day update to the quintessential dive watch. It has only been 6 years since the Heritage was introduced and the BB 58 was launched. In between, there were other Tudor watches that were introduced after taking their cue from the Heritage Black Bay in terms of being vintage based dive watches. It’s the BB 58 that really took off well and became accepted into the realm of the well heeled public’s imagination, second to Rolex. And the Tudor Black Bay 58 created a fashion statement like no other with its handsome looks and slimness.


Even though the BB 58 is an amalgam of interesting facets from other Tudor dive watches, it has still created an identity all its own. Even though Tudor have introduced other versions of dive watches in between the Heritage Black Bay and the Black Bay 58, it is really the BB 58 which had made inroads with the watch buying and collecting market.

Even though you could say that Tudor had the feeling that each watch it launches will be accepted by the public, with some tweaks here and there, Tudor management really had no inkling that the BB 58 will have a phenomenal success like no other watch on the Tudor line. It just seems that everything about it is just right. Even the luminosity of the dial in the darkness is something that Tudor considers in all its dive watches. But it seems that the tweaks introduced on the BB 58 somehow fitted well with the subconscious ideals of the watch wearing public on how bright in the dark it should be, on how well its steel bracelets clasps on their wrists, and how well the black or blue dial blends in with the rest of the props on the watch.

And the public doesn’t seem to mind that it’s brilliant Calibre MT5402 movement is hidden in its opaque steel case whereas other watches have no qualms displaying their movements proudly through transparent cases.

And there’s also the gilt dial from the pioneering 1954 Tudor diver, and there’s the oversized crown coming from the late 1950s and early years of the 1960s diver watches too.

The BB 58 also features the Snowflake hands sourced from the 1970s military watches. You could also see the faded red coloring scheme pulled out from somewhere in Tudor’s decades old archives.

All of these bits and pieces of past Tudor glory are merged together in a best selling package of a Diver’s Watch with both the proportions of modernity and nostalgic memories blended together. But manufactured using the latest watchmaking manufacturing techniques and finishes. It’s six different vintage watches that you see as reflections in the Tudor Black Bay 58. But when you take a second look, the BB 58 seems to take an identity of its own which could be copied in future Tudor watches or even by competition.


You and I may not be the only ones waiting to get a hold of our own Tudor BB 58 baby. Wait lists are months long at most retailers in the USA and Europe.

BB 58 comes out with all guns blazing and the watch buying and collecting public gobbles it up like crazy. It started with a great idea of making its Black Bay predecessors smaller and slimmer with all the right props, and then when it is displayed to the sight and the touch senses, everything just goes dark, and you hear cash registers ringing worldwide at watch dealers.

It’s a vintage platformed watch with all the right contours and doesn’t look like a cheap replica. Its size and build make it an outstanding fit on many wrists. And you can just be amazed at the way the BB 58 bridges the emotional attachment of the vintage watch to the modern hi-tech aspirations of the contemporary watch.

When you’re going around London trying to find a BB 58, you can visit the watch shops at Westfield Stratford. You can expect a list staring at you in the face, in every shop. It usually takes a maximum of 12 months, or maybe a little less for you to get hold of one.

It would be a good idea to leave a 500 pound refundable deposit because it narrows you down to a really interested customer who’s willing to wait for his own BB 58. If ever you change your mind on the foreseeable future, which we expect you won’t, with all the trouble you went through for this, you could always get your money back.

You will see no problem with leaving a deposit for a Tudor watch to die for. You can struggle with the thought, especially if your Scrooge sensibilities have overcome you. But come back to your senses and you will realize that your deposit for the Tudor Black Bay 58 is worth it.

Also, be appreciative of these nice people servicing you and exerting effort in letting you acquire a most desired dive watch that only comes out maybe every half century.

The preference of practically everyone who preordered and had themselves wait listed patiently have clearly specified that they want the steel bracelet strap to go with the Tudor Black Bay 58. They don’t mind paying a premium over the leather or fabric strap which both look funny on the BB 58 which asks for a steel bracelet, as per its facade which strongly prefers a steel accessory.

The other choices are really optional and the steel riveted bracelet gives a distinct identity to the BB 58.


The BB 58 is an exemplary watch, in the sense that it made big waves the moment it was launched, with a wait list that extends around three blocks down the street at every reputable watch dealer. But it is sitting proudly in the center of a very competitive watch segment in the whole horological realm. It is priced approximately $3,625 each and it is up against equally quality and distinctive entry to mid level luxury sports watches.

If you’re a diver, a watch must make an interesting personality out of its features because there are so many wannabes fighting it out for the watch enthusiasts who can’t afford or not willing to purchase a Rolex. For its price and features, it should be listed in the segment that belongs to sports watches within the $5,000 range. All the watches in this class should offer strong value for the money that is spent for them, and you could, in practicality, wear them every day.

These are the stiff competition for Tudor Black Bay 58:

1) The Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Co-Axial 41 mm $4,400

2) Oris Diver’s Sixty-Five Bronze Bezel 40mm $2,200

3) IWC Pilot’s Watch Mark XVII $5,150 (not under $5,000 but it should belong here)


There’s no doubt that the BB 58 is a modern watch. It feels so strong and you can just imagine that it can take anything you plunk at it. It also got a charm and sparkle that only new watch creations can create an excitement out of. But the deep down feeling of the wearer is, that it also got an old soul.

You can imagine yourself living it up back in 1958 when you strap on the Big Crown, flaunt it around, and you never ever want to take it off. Even when you sleep.

Its proportions and contours is basically the best so far when it comes to the case for a sports watch. It definitely doesn’t look dainty, but it doesn’t hang like a fragile damsel over small wrists.

The bezel and the dial are designed to have the same color scheme, allowing the watch to look a bit larger and sturdier on anyone’s wrist. This is because the visuals are uninterrupted.

The brushed tops of the lugs are obviously in contrast to the polished sides of the case and it is a beautiful sight to look at, when you’re admiring it on your wrist or on a table

The watch will again capture your attention when it reflects an incoming light, coming from the sun or somewhere else. The case seems to be kinetic, because it has an unexpected dynamism about it when you wear it on your wrist.

The Tudor Black Bay 58’s major selling point is its versatility. Its monochromatic features enables this, plus it is sized just right (medium) and looks good on the steel bracelet or any other strap thrown its way. It’s always a candidate for a watch collection of a serious hobbyist or even the first watch for an entrepreneur who suddenly made a lot of money and wants to celebrate on a watch.

An individual who travels a lot would love to see the Tudor BB 58 on his wrists wherever he goes. It’s mighty handsome to look at, and it’s also slim enough that you won’t mind wearing it with a sweater on without the usual cuff snagging problem.

But it’s equally just as nice flaunted on the beach with a simple shirt and trunks. Not too many watches have the beauty and the charm to do this trick. To tell you the truth, the Tudor Black Bay 58 just about fits anywhere it pleases.

Despite its incredible value for money proposition there are negative reports of quality control issues with the BB 58. It has complaints for bezel misalignment, but it’s always an easy fix if it is within warranty. And the good news is, starting this year 2021, all Tudor watches including the BB 58 have an upgraded warranty of 5 years.

You want a good piece when it comes to your complaints. Make sure that your BB 58 unit, whether new or pre-owned, is within warranty.

The reason why Tudor has upped its warranty period is that it has so much faith in the quality of its watches. And it’s also its way of screwing tight the knobs on the competition who can’t be able to cope with a 5 year warranty.

There have been also complaints of the BB 58 not complying with its promised 70 hour reserve. Some units reportedly have only 58 to 60 hours reserve power. We’ll, it’s never a problem if it’s under warranty.


Arguably, it’s not the best dive watch ever, but it could be the best traditionally styled dive watch. This is because of its vintage connections which make it rate it as such, without forsaking its modern appeal.

The fact that it is smaller by just 1 mm, makes it so special. For serious watch enthusiasts, that is the ideal size for a dive watch. It’s big enough to read from afar. But it’s not so big as to really make you conscious about its largeness. If you come to think about it, the BB 58 is just the same 39 mm size as the Rolex 2016 Explorer. So 39 mm is really an ideal size.

Its stainless steel case has a height of 11.9 mm. It’s thinner than the 15 mm of its 41 mm big brother and even 1.1 mm thinner than the famous Rolex Submariner. This small tweak in size makes all the difference in everyday comfort.

The accuracy of the Tudor Black Bay 58 is extraordinary. The calibre MT5402 movement which is COSC certified, stays within – 4/+6 seconds variation per day. Over a span of 93 days, an owner even reported a – 0.12 seconds per day variation. Its timekeeping is premium quality.

The 70 hour power reserve is a bonus that only a few watches can level up to. It’s always welcome to have that kind of reserve power when you are too lazy to revive your watch after it had the weekend as a rest period.


The Tudor BB 58 is like a Rolex which Rolex never had – a quintessential old soul diver watch. But from the other side of the world, the Far East, comes the Seiko Prospex SPB147J. Seiko also had brilliant vintage reissues up its sleeves. Their watches are seen also as ergonomically superb, but the Asian, US and European markets have different tastes. Let’s see what each one got:

1) THE CASES. For comfort, hands down, the prize goes to the BB 58 due to its simple and slim 11.9 mm height combined with an unobtrusive and thin backside for the case, with downturned lugs. The result is a smooth ride on the wrist, no matter what bracelet or strap you prefer for the BB 58.

Tbe Seiko is chubby with a more substantial 13.2 mm thickness. It is also comfortable with a lug to lug reach of 47.6 mm with the lugs downturned by a large degree. The back of its case is thick so it makes you feel a floating lug sensation which doesn’t happen if you strap it down consciously. But this would make it uncomfortably tight.

For the finish and ergonomics, the winner is also the 58, but Seiko brings in one triumph with its appealing case design.

2) THE STRAP AND THE BRACELET. The Seiko has a soft silicon rubber strap while the BB 58 sits on a steel riveted bracelet. The connection with Rolex here is evident with the Tudor as the detailed work on the Tudor bracelet is flawless. The links fit well with minimum tolerance and its outer rivet plates have a lovely, polished but unnecessary contrast. The Seiko, with its silicon rubber strap, simply can’t keep pace with the Tudor.

3) THE DIALS. Tudor and Seiko are similar here in the sense that the weapon of choice is gold. The Prospex attacks with its golden hands similar to swords. The flat and large bezel makes the Prospex diameter seem smaller. The sounds of the clicks are satisfying and its thicker bezel makes it grip better than the slimmer properties of the BB 58.

4) THE MOVEMENT. The Prospex’s in house movement is proving to be as reliable as the similarly in house calibre movement of the BB 58. Its square lollipop seconds hand prove this point of accuracy.

The BB 58 is more subdued but the details just stand out because they are sharpened to perfection.

The Prospex also has a 70 hour power reserve, similar to that of the BB 58. But the Tudor is a no date movement, which is so Swiss.

Be reminded that the price of 3 SPB147JS is equal to the price of the BB 58 but this doesn’t mean equality in all aspects..

VERDICT. With value for money, the match is tied, considering the price of the Prospex is one third of the BB 58. But if the basis is the totality of pure detail and aesthetics, the BB 58 is the winner due to the comfort it bestows and its profound finishing. The message we can point out here is that Small Is The New Big and 38 to 40 mm watches will be the new norm. This is the new standard together with the tendency to hold on the past classics.


Tudor watches are increasingly becoming popular to watch lovers who want luxury but can’t quite still reach the Rolex investment level. But Tudor watches like the BB 58 are incredibly well made, hence the suspicion earlier that they are Rolexes in disguise. And Tudor watches also have a reputable heritage and they are also proudly powered by in house created movements.

This makes Tudor watches as affordable options for Rolex wannabes. Or they could also be an essential part of the collection of a watch hobbyist.

When Tudor was established in 1946 by Hans Wildorf, also the founder of Rolex, he was envisioning a watch which is just as top quality as Rolex but with more modest prices.

Wildorf wanted a watch brand that was more in the reach of a wider expanse of watch lovers who would like to invest on timepieces with a budget to think about.

So, Rolex in those early times, was already thinking about domination the high end and the medium sector of the watch industry.

This linkage with Rolex gave Tudor the credibility and integrity to start with.

The waterproof Oyster case was an adopted idea from Rolex and Tudor did excellent sales for 4 decades.

Then, Tudor fell off the watch radar for well over 20 years. It was not until 2012 when the first Black Bays were launched when Tudor was back in the limelight again. Tudor became an instrument of things from the past and it made retro styled watches its passport to renewed glory.

The watch designers at Tudor saved the company from extinction. They created intoxicating designs which made people take a second glance at the Tudor watch on your wrist.

Your money might hold a bit on a Tudor Black Bay 58, but don’t be too assured just yet.

Tudor also makes use of celebrities to be their watch ambassadors. Tudor’s Born to Die advertising campaign is enhanced by David Beckham’s entry into it. He gave more value to the brand and he gave it a feeling of trustworthiness as an authentic watch manufacturer. So Beckham reinforced the earlier Rolex back up for the earlier successes of Tudor.

This is one of the advantages of Tudor for being a sister company of Rolex. It has immediate access to cutting edge technology and also to the finest materials and components to make the best watches. This also means that the best watchmakers make their home in both Rolex and Tudor factories.

But Rolex has given Tudor the independence to fly on its own accord. So they have no boundaries which Rolex can disturb. Rolex goes its own way and Tudor draws its own path.

The prices of Tudor are entry level for the luxury segment, but they are considered a bargain because people in the know about watches is that their watch technology is at par with that of Rolex.

The Tudor Black Bay 58, together with other Tudor models like the Heritage Black Bay and the GMT have proven to have held their value very well. They are just expected to lose around zero to a maximum of 30 percent of their value. This is already good when compared to other watches in the industry which lose their value in the range of 50 to 60 percent.

And the trick here is, to save money, wait for a period and purchase pre owned Tudors. Just wait for feelers in the market on when to make the purchase.


These shops, whether brick and mortar shops, or online shops, maintain very strict conditions and maintenance checkups for their pre-owned watches. They also ensure the remaining warranty period of the watches. These shops wouldn’t want customers to buy from them and then go back crying and complaining about their watches. Among the services of these pre-owned shops were you could buy a nice Tudor Black Bay 58 are:

1) Complete assessment of watch authenticity

2) Complete case and bracelet ultrasonic cleaning and polishing

3) Diagnostic testing of all watch functions which include the date, rapid date change, self winding and chronograph operation.

4) Full testing of power reserve and time regulation.

5) Testing of water resistance on glass, crown and back seals.

6) A probable 2 year warranty on the watch.


The BB 58 is the best selling watch of Tudor at the moment and will continue to rake in revenue for the company in the foreseeable future. This watch, together with its Black Bay predecessors breathed in new life into Tudor after more than 20 years of listless sales. Kudos to its brilliant employees for the reinvigoration of Tudor!

There are 6.5 billion people on the planet. Even if just the top 0.5% of the world, which equates to 35 million people buy luxury watches just like what they do with luxury cars, the Tudor Black Bay 58 will definitely be a beneficiary.

The real market growth is in the Middle East and China and Tudor should market its BB 58 and other watches more aggressively in these places.

In time, Tudor will be the rightful inheritor of the Rolex crown and maybe surpass the quality design of its watches.

If only the Tudor Black Bay 58 can capture the next 10 percent who can’t afford a Rolex – that’s around 650 million people, and you can’t help but imagine the Tudor factories buzzing with activity!

Hans Wilsdorf, the brains behind both Rolex and Tudor, has this to say about Tudor on March 6, 1946:

“For some years now, I have been considering the idea of making a watch that our agents xjjms sell at a more modest price than our Rolex watches., and yet one that would attain the standards of dependability for which Rolex are famous. I decided to form a separate company, with the object of making and marketing this new watch. It is called the Tudor Watch Company. “

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