Here’s How to Store Your Watches

In addition to telling time, watches are valuable in so many ways. Therefore you should store your watch in a safe way.

Your watch collection could include a few colorful pieces, a smartwatch for your frequent workouts, and several elegant ones that you wear when working or on official business. Ideally, a watch for every occasion. What’s more, some collectors purchase them as investments, store them, and sell them when they’re worth double or more.

Nonetheless, to make sure your watches are working efficiently and are in good shape, storing them correctly is essential. Don’t just toss it away anywhere at the end of the day. If you don’t know how to store your watches properly, you’ll be glad you read this piece.

Here’s how to store your watch safely;

Find a place to store them.

Here are some of the best storage options;

Watch storage case

If you want to keep your watches somewhere close, you should consider a storage case. Typically, there are similar to jewelry boxes, though they are built to accommodate watches. They feature plush fabric that hinders them from being scratched or broken. These boxes also feature glass tops, letting you view your watches. This is suitable if you like changing your watch daily.

Dresser drawer

The other option is to utilize an insert to place your watch in the drawer. There are specific trays that are designed to fit in a dresser drawer. Typically, they feature four-sided compartments which also hold your watch boxes and narrow ones allowing the bands to remain flat.

In case the trays you purchase aren’t lined, you could buy a separate liner, allowing your watches to remain in place even when you open the drawer. Simply trim the liner using scissors so that it fits nicely inside the compartment. What’s more, you can glue them into position.

You can also utilize portions of foam pipe insulation to keep the watches in place if you don’t have a box. These pieces are already circular and of the same size as an individual’s wrist. Simply shape the pieces to fit inside the compartment, and then store the watches into the foam.

Cigar humidor

This is also an excellent watch storage option since it will keep them dry. Humidors are engineered to shield cigars from temperature and humidity, and both these elements are not your watch’s friend. Whether you require a fast and easy storage alternative or you admire the build and construction of a humidor, this is a decent and handy option for proper watch storage.

Watch roll

This option is perfect for individuals who are looking to travel with their collection. A watch roll is made using versatile material like soft fabric. Put the watches inside the pouch, and leave them comfortable as they lie on the fabric.

This storage option is ideal for individuals looking to travel since a watch roll will fit perfectly inside an overnight bag or any travel bag. Additionally, some pouches feature such an excellent design that you might even prefer to have your watches stay there when you’re not traveling.

Watch Winder

When it comes to storing your automatic watches, it would be best if you opted for a watch winder. Mechanical watches do not require manual wounding since they utilize the body’s movement to harness energy. For this reason, a watch-wonder is the most suitable storage option for them. They turn the watches and keep them working when they are in storage. These watches work best if you keep them ticking; therefore, a watch winder will come in handy in lengthening your watch’s lifespan.


Even though this might sound like a bit too much, for those of you who own expensive and valuable pieces that you would not want to lose, a safe is a good idea. Safes come in different sizes and shapes; thus, you can purchase one to store all your watches if you own one or more valuable timepieces. Furthermore, some safes feature dedicated trays engineered to store jewelry.

Even though you own a few watches, or even one, and you wish to keep it safe, you can purchase a small safe that you can position somewhere secure in the house. Also, you can purchase one with a unique yet inconspicuous design, such as a book, as it will not draw attention. Some thieves target watches because they are valuable and highly portable. Make sure the storage option you go for keeps your watches safe and functional.

How to store your watch

Keep the watch’s face up.

Do not place your watch face down, no matter the storage you have, since this could result in the scratching of the crystal. In some instances, it could even crack or break. Whichever way you decide to position your watch, whether in a flat or any other position, the top part is always supposed to remain facing upwards.

Leave some space between watches.

When you place your watches, make sure you leave a bit of space between them. Do not leave them touching each other since this will result in damage. Leave a minimum of 1.5 cm between them. This also reduces the chances of them colliding with each other. Also, you can go for cases or trays constructed with dividers such that each watch is held independently.

Silica gel

Humidity is harmful to your watch, and this is where silica gel comes in. It shields your watches from moisture. Condensation or moisture could result in the thickening of the oil in the watch and consequently damage the watch’s interior gear.

You can buy silica gel sachets to store with your watches, or you can also use the ones featured in electronic packages and food. Moreover, you can buy it at different stores or online retail platforms. Silica gel is not expensive though the price depends on the quality.

Remove the watch’s battery.

In case you want to store your watches for a long time, it would be best to remove the batteries. When it comes to Quartz watches, they feature batteries, and after some time, they could rust and leak, destroying the watch. To ensure this doesn’t occur, remove the battery and keep it safe before storing it.

To remove the battery, open the back with a screwdriver and then remove the battery. If you find it difficult, you can take it to a professional who deals with watches and requests them to remove it for you.

Securely store your paperwork.

If you’re an investor and you intend to resell your watch eventually, all the initial packaging will significantly boost the watch’s value. Make sure the box and paperwork are somewhere safe so that they don’t get lost. If you have many watches, keep all the paperwork in separate envelopes or paper bags so that it will be effortless to find them when you need them.

Wear your watch after some time

You can take your watch at least once a year from storage and wear it. However, if you own some of the most rear watches, it’s okay to store them for a long time. A wide range of watches benefits from being wound and won after some time. Even though you buy watches as an investor to resell them when their value increases, wear them one time or more annually.

Additional tips on storing your watch

Clean your watch before storing

Dust and humidity could damage your watch by harming the watch’s functioning mechanism. This is also the case with oil-based products and skin oil alike. For this reason, you have to clean your watch every time you remove it. To make this a habit, keep the cleaning items and materials near the storage to avoid forgetfulness.

If you own a waterproof watch, utilize a cloth made of soft fabric and warm water to wipe it. For the areas that are not easy to clean, you can use a soft toothbrush or toothpick. Finally, utilize a soft cloth to wipe the crystal. Do not get the leather strap wet.

Lubricate and wound your watch

Often wound and lubricate your watch is essential to store your watch, especially when you’re not using them. There is a lot of conflicting information on whether to keep your watch running or not when in storage. Nonetheless, when it comes to lubricating, everyone agrees that the watch should be adequately lubricated.

Also, remember to remove the battery from a Quartz watch if you plan to store it long-term. In case your watch features a calendar, planetariums, moon phase, utilize a top-quality winder.

Final word

There are multiple approaches to take when it comes to storing your watch correctly, and this piece offers a decent primer. This is no particular “best” way to store your watch. However, whichever storage option you chose, remember the key points on what to avoid, especially about keeping the face-up and avoiding humidity and moisture.

Also, maintain them often by lubricating and wounding them. Even when you’re planning to store your watch for the short-term, check on them regularly by wounding and lubricating to keep them functional.

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