How to change the date on Seiko watch (the safest way)

If you are on this page, then it’s either of two things: you like learning about Seiko products, or you have a Seiko watch with which you can’t seem to set the date right. Don’t worry if it’s the latter. This article is meant to provide you with a step-by-step procedure that’ll help you set your watch right.

Don’t let your schedule get disrupted by inaccurate settings on your Seiko watch’s calendar. While most people find it hard to adjust their Seiko watch’s date, we can confidently state that it’s pretty easy to do; however, you’ll need to practice a little patient to get used to it.

Change date, Seiko

To change the day and date settings on your Seiko watch, you’ll need to use the watch’s crown, the small knob that’s located on the watch’s side to its right.

Note: according to Seiko, it would not be best to adjust your watch’s calendar between 2100 and 0400 hours. Adjusting the watch’s calendar during this time could cause it to function less effectively.

If you want to set your Seiko watch’s calendar inside these hours, you could begin by changing the time to 6 am or pm, changing the date using the instructions listed below, and changing the time back.

How do you adjust the date and day?

·    First, you’ll need to pull on the crown on your Seiko watch until you hear the first click.

·    Next, you’ll have to turn the crown until you see the previous day appear on the watch’s calendar frame.

·    You’ll then have to pull on the crown till you hear it pop into the second adjusting section. You’ll hear a click when this happens.

·    You’ll then have to turn the crown and advance the minute and hour hands until you see the desired date on the watch’s calendar.

·    If your Seiko watch has three hands, you’ll need to pull on the crown when the second hand is pointed towards twelve o’clock.

·    You’ll then need to turn the crown and adjust the time to match your time zone correctly.

·    After you are finished doing this, you’ll need to push the crown back to its normal position and complete the setup.

Why can’t you change the date, Seiko, between 2100 hours and 0400 hours?

The reason it would not be suitable to change our watch’s date and day in between this time one is that your watch is because the date and date-changing mechanism begin to work at this particular time, and you don’t want to force it with a quick set.

Forcefully adjusting the time during this period could break the mechanisms and delicate gears. To change the date, you could first change your watch’s time, change the date, then change the time back as stated above.

How to know if you’ve damaged your watch’s date and day mechanism

If you want to check if you’ve damaged your watch’s date and day mechanism, you’ll need to go to the safe zone and set the time at 6 am or 6 pm. You could then pull the crown up to the first click and advance through all the dates.

If you can advance through all the dates, then the chances are that your watch’s date and day-changing mechanisms are okay. If it gets stuck at some point, then the gears may have become damaged during your date adjustments.

You could also check by pulling the crown up to the second click and rotating the hands through 12 am. If you rotate the arms past 12 and it doesn’t change the date, then it’s 12 pm; if the date changes, then it must be 12 am. If the display for the date shifts without any issues, then the watch’s okay. If it doesn’t change even after rotating the watch twice, you may have a problem with your date change wheel.

Change date, Seiko: Conclusion

We hope you had an easy experience adjusting the date and time on your Seiko watch. If you experienced some problems with the date-changing system, it would be best if you sought the services of a trained watchmaker. Have fun adjusting your watch’s date!

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