How To Reset Chronograph Watch


Sometimes your well loved chronograph watch gets out of whack. Perhaps the reason why this happens is because it needs to be reset.

There are different ways to set a chronograph watch. Quartz chronograph watches and automatic chronograph watches have different procedures for resetting.



Let’s start with how to reset a quartz watch and return the second hand back to zero. The following steps usually work with most quartz timepieces:

This is to adjust the chronograph hands back to 0 position.

1) Pull out the crown and put it into position 2. All the 3 chronograph hands could be in their correct or incorrect 0 hands position.

2) Keep on pressing both buttons A and B at the same time for approximately 2 seconds. The center stop second should rotate 360. The corrective mode will have been activated at this time.

**To adjust the center stop second.

Single step. Press push button A for 1 short press.

Continuous. Press push button A for 1 long press.

**To adjust the 1/10 second counter hand (should be in position 6h).

Single step. Press push button A for 1 short press.

Continuous. Press push button A for 1 long press.

3) Return the crown back to position 0. This concludes the chronograph resetting which could be carried out any time when needed.


If these instructions didn’t work for you, it is possible that it has a different movement inside it. Try this alternative procedure below:

If your quartz chronograph hands are not lining up properly, you may need to reset your watch. This usually happens after a battery change. Please check if the following alternative instructions work for you :

1) Pull the crown out up to the second click.

2) Press either button A or B to reset the stopwatch second and minute hand back into 0 position. If you press button A, the hands will move counter clockwise. If you press button B, the hands will also move counter clockwise.

3) Now, you can push the crown back into its normal position.


We’re done with calibrating quartz watches. Now, let’s explore how to reset an automatic chronograph watch:

1) The first thing you’ll need to do is to pull out the crown gently.

2) Press the top right button to adjust the top dial until it is able to reach the 0, the 12 mark or to any desired position you would like it to be in.

3) Once everything is in their correct position, gently push the crown completely back in. You can always recalibrate your automatic chronograph watch by gently pulling out the crown again and press the right buttons.


If you purchase any quartz or automatic chronograph watch, be sure that its manual always goes with it. This is especially true with second hand or pre-owned chronograph timepieces. Sometimes the previous owner forgets to give you the manual together with the watch.

This is because no matter what instructions we give to you here in resetting quartz or automatic chronograph watches, each timepiece variant has its own quirks with regards to resetting.

Take for instance this owner of a chronograph, a Tag Heuer Carrera Caliber 16 day-date watch. He is new to automatic watches and it seemed to him that it is doing fine but not working correctly on some aspects.

He was asking on this online watch forum that the stopwatch mechanism starts and stops with the upper button but doesn’t reset with the lower button. Its manual describes that it should reset with the lower button.

The watch expert who responded said that he is correct that the bottom button should reset the chrono, but he should only reset it when the watch is not running.

The watch owner realized that this is what he has been doing – resetting the watch while it is still in operation. Now, he has to turn over the watch to a repair center.

This means, whatever guidelines we offer you here for resetting your watch are general guidelines. Apply them with a combination of instructions from your own watch’s manual.

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