How To Set A Rolex Watch

Gone are the days when watches were just an accessory to tell the time. Over the years, they have evolved into elegant embellishments that will elevate even the simplest outfit to a classy look. Whether you’re looking for a voguish gift or a sentimental heirloom, watches are the obvious choice. One of the brands leading the evolution of this accessory to an essential stylistic commodity is Rolex.

Given its reputation, owning your first Rolex watch can be pretty thrilling. At the same time, you’ll also have a lot of questions regarding its functionality. Of all these, the first and most crucial concern will be how to set the watch. After all, you’d want the correct time and date on your Rolex. Luckily, the process isn’t as hard as you’d think. Here are some basic instructions and the primary procedure of setting a Rolex watch:

What Keeps A Rolex Watch Running?

Before diving into the process of setting a watch, you need to familiarize yourself with the watch’s functionality. The operative mechanisms vary with the numerous models in the market today. Generally, the models can be categorized as either Quickset or non-Quickset. Rolex watches manufactured after 1977 fall under the former. You can simply check your watch’s model number and look it up to see where it falls.

In terms of intricate functionality, Rolex watches are as mechanical as they come. The watches consist of over 200 working parts put together in a complex yet workable manner. The result is a feat to behold: one of the most highly-coveted watch brands in the world. As such, a Rolex watch’s lifespan is exceptionally long and can span up to decades.

Most Rolex watch designs don’t come with batteries. There are exceptions, of course, like the OysterQuartz, for instance. How, then, does a set Rolex watch work? Most of them make use of a continuous self-winding movement. Within the casing, a rotor facilitates this mechanism by moving as you swing your wrist when walking. The energy produced by the movement then keeps the watch operational.

Therefore, if you haven’t adorned your watch in a while, eventually, it will stop operating. At this point, you will need to wind your Rolex to ensure it continues running. At the same time, you’ll also need to wind your new Rolex before setting the date and time. Here’s a guide on how to do so correctly:

Winding Your Rolex Watch

As seen, winding is a crucial part of the knowledge required to operate a Rolex watch, especially given that most don’t have batteries. There’s a general procedure that will apply to most models. However, there are a few exceptions and additional steps that vary with the type of Rolex you have.

The first step when winding your Rolex is to rotate the watch’s crown in an anticlockwise direction until it is no longer in contact with the screw heads attached. At this point, move the stem in the opposite direction (clockwise) to wind the watch. The number of revolutions may vary with the model. Generally, it is recommended to rotate the crown for about thirty to forty revolutions, although some designs may work with just over twenty.

Once you’re done rotating, push the stem back into position until it’s in contact with the screw heads or flush against the surface. Rotate the crown clockwise until it’s perfectly back into place. If your watch doesn’t come with a date feature, then your Rolex is completely wound and will maintain functionality for a significant period. The above steps will work for both watch categories, as long as they don’t have the above.

Given that other clocks and accessories are prone to overwinding, does the same apply to your Rolex watch? Thanks to its intricate design, you cannot overwind a Rolex watch. While winding, the mechanism automatically stops when there’s enough traction to keep it functioning. The exact mechanism also applies to the self-winding models, leaving you with one less aspect to worry about when taking care of your watch.

Adjusting The Date And Day On Your Rolex

Whether you’re new to the Rolex franchise or you have had the watch for a while, various scenarios may require you to adjust the date and day on your prized accessory. One of the most common scenarios occurs during the beginning of the month. Given the variance in the number of days in a specific month, you may face a date change problem on your Rolex. You will need to reconfigure the dates to match the new month manually.

Moreover, in most cases, you’ll only wear your Rolex to special occasions. As such, you’ll need to set the date after winding the watch. To do it, tug the crown out to the first groove. Rotate it in the anticlockwise direction to select the date. To set the day of the week, you’ll need to pull the crown to the last groove. After that, turn it in an anticlockwise direction to select the day of the week. Once you’re done, push the stem back inwards until it attains its initial position.

You do not have to change the day and date manually every day. Rolex watches automatically reconfigure to match the day and date at midnight every day, apart from the beginning of the new month. In this case, the effect of the changes in the number of days comes into effect.

Setting The Time On Your Rolex

After buying a new Rolex, setting the time is the basic procedure. After all, you wouldn’t want to have to check your phone’s clock when you have a modish accessory on your arm designed for the same purpose. Alternatively, when you’ve had your watch for a while, you may need to reset the time in case it winds down or when you’ve traveled to a different timezone.

Adjusting the time on your Rolex is a straightforward procedure. First, you’ll need to tug the crown outwards until the first groove. At this point, rotate it in the clockwise direction to set the time. Remember that turning it in the anticlockwise direction modifies the date, so be careful when setting it. After you reach the correct time in terms of both hours and minutes, push the crown back inwards until it is flush with the surface.

When adjusting the time, there are a few things to consider. Remember that when you rotate the minute and hour hands by two whole revolutions, the day and date will increase by one. At this point, you’ll be forced to reset the date and day, which can be tedious. Therefore, ensure you set the time slowly to avoid this inconvenience after setting the date and day.

Given how simple the steps are, you can adjust the time on your Rolex wherever you are without any inconveniences. There’s nothing out of the box that will leave you clamoring for video tutorials on adjusting the time. With these few steps, you’ll be done in no time, no matter the model.

Taking care of your Rolex

Whether you’re planning to wear your Rolex every day or just for special events, you need to practice proper maintenance techniques to avoid damage and servicing costs. The first and most obvious thing to avoid is unnecessary bumps. Even though Rolex watches are made from stainless steel and may appear impervious to damage, this is far from true. Any slight damage to your watch may cost you a fortune to repair.

Furthermore, despite most Rolex watches being water-resistant, don’t take it as a license to use it underwater continuously. If you have to traverse wet conditions, ensure the crown on your Rolex is tightly flush into position. On the off chance that water finds its way into the watch, immediately soak it in rice and take it to the nearest watchmaker.

When storing your Rolex, make sure to keep it in a safe place. You can store it in a watch box along with other watches. Ensure that they aren’t stacked upon each other – this will result in many unwanted scratches. Furthermore, ensure the storage location is away from direct sunlight, which may affect the watch’s functionality. Storing it inside the box it arrived in on purchase is the most viable option of storage.

Display Good Taste With The Quality Of A Rolex Watch

It is common knowledge that owning a Rolex watch is an expensive undertaking. After spending a sizeable fortune on an accessory, you’d want to wear it everywhere; it’s only natural. After all, fashion is a statement. Getting yourself a Rolex watch will keep you in the spotlight regarding style: whether at your workplace or just at a random get-together.

When it comes to accessorizing, you can never go wrong with a Rolex watch. Whether you’re male or female, introverted or extroverted, looking for a subtle or flashy accessory, Rolex’s wide range of models is a fit for anyone. Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the watch’s functionality, how to wind it, and how to set the date, day, and time, you can enjoy all the perks that come with owning a Rolex watch. With a reputation of being one of the best time-keeping devices globally, display your taste with a Rolex watch today.

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