How To Set Bulova Chronograph Watch

We all want to make it to our appointments in time, and arriving late for them is not the ideal time for you to find out that your Bulova watch is not correctly set in terms of time or date. Typically, this is a professional and personal embarrassment.

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The main situations that call for setting your watch are after changing your watch’s battery or buying a new one. Besides, you could set your watch to account for leap years and daylight savings if it displays time and date. Here we will see the three multi-step methods you can use to set your Bulova Chronograph watch;

Method 1 – Changing Time

1.   Pull out the crown

The first step to setting your watch is pulling out the crown. This is the dial that’s positioned on the right side of your Bulova Chronograph. Once you pull it out, the watch’s hands will stop moving immediately.

If your Bulova features a second hand, wait for it to point the 12 positions to pull the crown out. This makes your time more precise. Also, in case your watch has no date or day, the crown will click once it’s pulled out.

2.   Move the crown to set time.

Turn the crown to spin the hour and minutes hands. Move it clockwise to rotate the hands forward or anticlockwise to move them rearward. Try as much as possible to get very close to the current time to retain accuracy.

Remember, only the minute and hour hands will adjust; the seconds` hand will remain in its initial position. Moreover, if your watch features a small dial for 24hr clock, the crown can adjust it. For this reason, ensure it is showing the correct time.

3.   Push the crown back

Return the crown to its position for the watch to start again. Once it is correctly set, slowly push the crown back. Ensure you do not rotate the crown as you do this since the time will be a bit off. Regularly check your watch to be sure it is working correctly. In case it is running slow, it would be best to change its battery.

Method 2 – Day and Date

To set your Bulova Chronograph’s date and day, here’s what you’ll need to do;

Pull out the crown

As with setting the time, you will have to pull out the crown. Make sure you pull it out until you hear it click twice. The hands will instantly stop moving, giving you the opportunity to change the day.

Move the crown to set the day.

Spin the crown until the watch shows the correct day. Move it clockwise to move the hands forward. As they move to midnight, the day changes on the watch. Constantly move the crown until it displays the correct day of the week.

This motion will impact the date and time for watches that do not feature the days of the week display. Besides, it will adjust the time, thus ensure you set the proper time when you’re done.

Avoid changing the date and day between 9:00 Pm and 4:00 Am because this is when the changing system triggers the watch, resulting in the inaccuracy of the date or day.

Push the crown back

When pushing it back, make sure it clicks once. In addition, do not spin it when pushing it back. The crown is supposed to click into the first placement that lets you change the date. The hands will begin turning again when the crown is in this placement.

Set the date

When the crown is in the first position, move it to adjust the date before pushing it back ultimately. Motion it clockwise to move forward through the calendar. Turn it until it displays a suitable date. When you have the right date, it’s time to push the crown once more to allow your Bulova chronograph watch to continue working.

If your watch features a printed calendar, rotate the crown clockwise to adjust the date and anticlockwise if you wish to change the day. Furthermore, if a month has less than 31 days, you have to change the date manually at the end of the month.

Method 3 – Standardizing the Chronograph Hands

Pull out the crown

Pull out the crown until you hear two clicks before letting go. The watch’s hands will instantly stop moving, allowing you to calibrate the chronograph hands. If your watch does not feature a day or date, the crown typically clicks once.

Prepare the watch for calibration.

Push and grasp the two buttons; this lets the chronograph seconds` hand make a complete rotation. On the same side, locate the A and B keys. Press them simultaneously and grasp them for approximately 3 seconds until the smaller dial makes a complete rotation. After this, your Bulova watch is ready for calibration. If your watch has a third button on the other side, it is not utilized for calibration of the timepiece.

Calibrate the seconds` hand

Push the A button to the dial’s zero spots. This button is located just above the crown. Once you press it, the chronograph seconds hand is supposed to move. Press and hold until the hand points up.

Utilize the B button to adjust the dial you’re changing.

When you’re done with one of the chronograph dials, use the B button to switch the dial you’re changing. Upon adjusting the dial, push the A button once more till it resets to zero. Switch between these buttons until all the dials point North. The Chronograph will begin on the seconds’ dial, move to the hour dial, and lastly on the minute dial.

Push back the crown

When you’re done calibrating, push the crown back into position. Upon all the chronograph dials being zeroed in, it’s time to push back the crown. Now, your Chronograph is ready, and consequently, your Bulova watch is supposed to begin working again. Mainly, chronographs are utilized to trace lapsed time. Also, you might require to change the time when you’re done.


Setting your watch is not that difficult, and our multi-step guide makes it that much easier to do it. Now that you know how to set your Bulova Chronograph watch, there’s no excuse for lateness during appointments.

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