How to soften leather watch band/ strap. 5 Very good tips for softening leather band

Leather watch bands are elegant. They are often associated with reputed watches.

The only bit of problem with leather watchband is that you need to soften them before you can wear them comfortably for long hours. When they are brand-new, often they are too tight and not that comfortable.

You have to find out ways to break in watch band. Today, we will share with you two different ways.

Not only that, we will share with you a handful of tips that will allow you to soften leather watch strap

1. Use a leather conditioner:

The most effective way which you can use is to use a leather conditioner. The way to apply the leather conditioner is relatively simple.

You have to apply it on your hands and then apply it to the leather watch strap. You have to ensure that only the watch strap is exposed to it and not the dial.

When it comes to using the leather conditioner, the problem is not the application process. The problem is choosing the right leather conditioner. That is because there are hundreds of different options available.

Today, we will share with you how to choose the right leather conditioner for your leather watchband.

How to choose a leather conditioner for leather watch strap?

There are essentially three different tips that you have to follow while choosing a leather conditioner. Once you follow these tips, it will become easy for you to pick the best leather conditioner.

.Choose a chemical-free option:

The very 1st thing you need to do is look at the leather conditioner’s composition. If it consists of harsh chemicals, it can damage your leather watch band as well. That is why; you have to choose one which doesn’t consist of any chemicals.

When that is the case, it becomes easy for you to use it on the watchband.

·Do not just focus on the price:

Many consumers make the mistake of looking at the price of the leather conditioner. When going for the most affordable one, it likely won’t help you in breaking in the watch strap. It can damage the watch strap as well.

To avoid all this, you have to look at the composition and other properties of the leather watchband. Only when you can do so can you choose the right one.

·Go with products designed explicitly for watch bands:

Leather conditioners are designed for a variety of applications. You can apply them on the saddles, regular waist belts, as well as a watch strap.

While buying a leather conditioner, make sure that you look at the applications of the leather conditioner. If they are specifically designed for the watchband, you can certainly buy them.

Expensive watches often have expensive leather bands as well. That is why only when the leather condition is specifically designed for them should you buy it.

So, when you consider these three parameters while choosing a leather conditioner, you can break in the leather watchband.

2. Use alcohol vaseline mixture:

Another solution which you have is to use the alcohol and Vaseline mixture. Both these items are normally present in our households. That is why; procuring them is not going to be an issue.

Before we go into the application process, it is time to understand what exactly you will need.

Things which you will need:

·Rubbing alcohol

·Petroleum jelly

·Cotton balls

Once you procure these, now is the time to follow the step-by-step procedure that we will highlight below.

Step-by-step procedure:

1. The very 1st thing you need to do is take the cotton balls and dip them with rubbing alcohol. After that, you have to apply the rubbing alcohol to the watch strap using cotton balls. The aim here is to remove the impurities as well as open up the pores. You have to do so twice or thrice.

2. After that, you have to apply petroleum jelly to the watch strap using your fingers. You have to ensure that you do not apply a lot of petroleum jelly. If you apply a lot of this jelly, the watch strap will become oily.

3. Only when the watch strap is dry can you start using it. It can be hours before the watchband dries down.

With the help of this method, you can condition the leather watch band and also soften it.

3. Use Natural oils:

Did you know that you can use natural oils to soften the leather watch band?

You can use the natural oil according to your requirement. There are quite a few options available like:

·Coconut oil

·Avocado oil

·Olive oil

·Almond oil

The good news is that you can pick between these options. That is why, if you already have any of them at home, it will become easy for you to use this method.

Now that you know how you can soften leather, it is time to look at the step-by-step procedure to apply it.

Step-by-step procedure:

1. You have to keep the leather watch strap in the sun for 5 minutes or so. That will loosen the fibers as well as open up the pores.

2. After that, you have to apply any of the natural oil on the belt surface. You can do so with your fingers. In this case, natural oil will not have any detrimental impact on the watchband. It means that even if you apply excessive oil, you have nothing to worry about.

3. After that, you have to let the belt dry.

Once the watchband dries down, you can easily start using the watch.

With these three methods, you can soften the leather watchband. However, there are a handful of tips you have to follow irrespective of the method you choose from the above three options.

Tips to soften leather watch band:

There are a few tips that can help you in softening the leather watchband. I will cover those below.

1. Use it and loosen it:

In case you’re not looking for immediate or overnight results, you can follow this tip. The more you use the leather watch, the more you can loosen it.

You need to keep in mind that it will not be that comfortable to wear that watch during the first few instances.

The more you wear it, the more pressure will be on the watchband. Consequently, you will be able to break it in quite easily.

However, this tip is only suitable if you have time and do not mind a couple of uncomfortable instances while wearing it.

2. Use the conditioner in proper quantity:

We have shared with you a guide to choose the right to leather conditioner above. However, even if you choose a gentle leather conditioner, make sure that you apply it in the appropriate quantity.

If you end up applying it in excessive quantity, it can damage the leather watchband. Since we are speaking about expensive leather watch bands that can cost you dearly.

To avoid this problem, you have to apply the leather conditioner in small quantities. Along with the leather conditioner, you will get a manual that will let you know how much you need to apply.

The point being, you shouldn’t apply leather conditioners in ample quantities.

3. Wait before you use the watch:

Irrespective of the method you are going with, you have to wait for the watch band to dry. Only when it dries down can you use the watch.

Ideally, you have to let it be overnight. By the morning, the watch band will be entirely dry.

You shouldn’t start using the watch in haste. That can reduce the effect of the methods which we have highlighted above.

4. Be careful with alcohol:

Rubbing alcohol is one of the best ways to condition your watch band. It can help you in breaking into the watch band as well.

The problem is that rubbing alcohol can dry the belt as well. That is why, as far as possible, you have to limit the quantity in which you are using the rubbing alcohol.

Also, once you apply it to the watch belt after that, you have to apply the petroleum jelly quickly. It will ensure that the petroleum jelly moisturizes the watchband once again.

Nevertheless, you have to be careful with rubbing alcohol.

5. Harsh products can change color shade:

If you’re using any harsh product like a chemical-based leather conditioner, it can somewhat deteriorate the watchband’s color.

To avoid all this trouble, the best way out is to use natural oils. With the help of natural oils, you can soften the watch band without impacting the color in any way.

The good news is that you can use any natural oils, which ensures that you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of time and money on procuring those natural oils.

Once you stick to these 5 tips while softening the leather watchband, it will become easier for you to break into the leather watch band without much effort.

Thus, when looking to soften the leather watchband, you can use any of the 3 methods we have highlighted above. However, irrespective of the method you choose, make sure you follow the 5 tips highlighted above. Doing so will ensure that you do not damage the leather watchband.

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