Matching watch band to dial colors

What is the right way to match your dial to your band? When you buy a watch, people often have this question in mind. A watch is an accessory that is primary to a man’s wear. It displays a lot more about a man than just being an accessory. It stands out on you and expresses your personality and your sense of style. This becomes very evident when your watch is matched suitably to its watch band. It gives you a new and fresh look for you.

A watch strap defines the feel and looks of a watch. It may look like a simple addition, but it can make a massive difference to your overall look. Having a watch strap to your watch design and color is transforming the general watch and your style.

What is the dial?

One of the most crucial watch components that are essential for working and visually is a watch dial. It is amongst the most visually noticing aspects of a watch and to every style-conscious person. Some purchase watch just for their aesthetic look of the dial.

Physically, it is a part of a watch that shows the time. If it’s a digital watch, the display is numeric/digital. A dial comprises of hands or numerical displays depending on the watch being analog or digital. It is as important as a display of a thermometer. A long-minute hand when makes a revolution, it’s an hour, and a second-hand when making a revolution is a minute.

It is the face, the timekeeper and the main purpose of a watch. Some watches have indexes or Arabic or Roman numerals with moving hands. For a digital watch, there is an LED panel displaying the numerical time. The time can either in 24-hour format or 12-hour format. A moon-phase display or a chronograph display sub-dial and other functions can be a showcase on the watch face. It serves aesthetically by balancing the bezel, hands, bracelet, or band. It is defined to design the timepiece.

Dials can be black or white with contrasting hands and indices. It provides optimum legibility and visibility. The dial should not be overcrowded with sub-dials.

How are you watch dials different?

Watch dials are distinguished based on the time display formats, additional functions, and the finish.

Some watch dials are brass plated, matte-finished, brushed metal, clear lacquer coated for protection, gold or silver dials, incorporated with intricate techniques such as guilloche, enamel based and others.

Different types of the dial and their materials

Crosshair- This is a trendy design and design motif that is seen on mid-century watches such as Breitling Transocean or the Omega DeVille. Crosshair has a simple vertical and horizontal line which cross in the dial center, and hence the name.

Enamel- There are different enamel forms.

They are:

  • Cloisonné
  • Grisaille
  • Champlevé
  • Grande Feu
  • Flinque

Basic enamel is a soft glass that comprises of red lead, soda, and silica. Enamel liquefies at very high temperatures. At this temperature, it can be easily bonded to metals.

Gilt- Gilt is a technique that is implied to a gold leaf that is thinly covered or painted with gold. All variant features can be printed with gold paint on a watch dial. Some elements are additional like the name of the brand, name of the watch, hour markers or depth rating. Several watchmakers use gilt dials to create unique timepieces.

Guilloche- Using the guilloche process is a traditional approach. The surface is brushed. It makes use of a straight-line or hand-cranked or brocading engine/machine. There’s a dial engraving in a wave pattern. Hand engraving is dying now as modern guilloche watch dials have come into use that makes use of a machine for this method.

Linen- Linen does not mean cloth but a pattern that looks identical to linen material. A blend of horizontal and vertical hatch marks makes this patterned design.

Marquetry- It is another art form that comprises of layers of precious stones or pearl or other materials. There is an arrangement in a pattern or an image form by the craftsman for a dial overlay.

Meteorite- Slices of the real meteorite are incorporated in the dial, hence the name. Artisans use different meteorites from all over the world by polishing and cutting every single piece. The outcome is a unique dial. You will find no two dials precisely the same.

Skeleton- The watch’s internal motion is exposed, hence the name. It is a transparent sapphire crystal material that comes with a coat of antireflection.

Tapisserie- Incorporates small squares divided by narrow channels on the watch surface.

Teaked-A watch dial with vertical stripes engraving.

How does the watch band matching with its dial affect the watch style?

A watch band color certainly gravitates to its watch dial. They complement each other and your style.

The color of black dial that goes well in a positive tone and widely accepted is with a brown strap. Black dials are very attractive with medium to light brown color bands. White and silver dials go very well with dark to medium brown bands.

Let’s take a look at some band matches below:

  • Grey/Monochrome/Black- Any color of watch band in small doses go well with grey and black straps.
  • Cool,/Blue- Medium to light brown goes well-matched with navy/blue. Grey also goes good, will cool tones. Yellow, red, and orange are analogous with green and purple bands and vice versa.
  • Warm/Red Tones- Dark to medium browns and black bands go well with red tone. Orange and Yellow compliment purple, blue, and green.
  • Earth tones- Olives drab, earthy grays, and browns go well together. Add in brighter and saturated colors to add in contrast. Medium brown is common for all early tones.
  • Some common colors to go good with any watch dial are brown or black leather bands.
  • The most versatile color is considered to be blue as it pairs up easily with the majority of the outfits. This watch dial can pair up with a blue band as well. It looks great with silver or gold case and in black and brown stripes.
  • Some exceptional colors, such as Rose Gold, can be paired with pink straps or black color elegantly. The black watch dial goes well with black and leather.

The other band matching to dial colors are based on the categorization of the watch:

Dive watches

Do you require a strap or band that is waterproof? If yes, then normal leather should be avoided as it can damage them.

Let us take a look at what type of watches will suit which type of watches.

  • Metal bands are waterproof and traditional. They are versatile and stylish.
  • Nylon straps are also waterproof and have a safety layer when there’s a break in the spring bar. It comes in various colors to match with your watch dials.
  • Rubber straps are also waterproof and come in different colors. They are simple to maintain.
  • Leather straps are good with dive watches, provided they do not undergo tremendous wetting.

Dive watches are attractive with thicker bands with stitching along the band.


Leather straps make a good match with a chronographic dial. Simple colors go good with chronographs as they have a busier dial. Nylon is another option. Solid or one accent colors look good with this watch dial.

Pilot and Field Watches

Nylon and Canvas bands watch the watch and their utility. Leather straps also go good with these watch dials. They are legible and clean watch dials so the band can take up a little wild side. Distressed leather or patterned nylon bands go good with these watch dials.

Minimalist and Dress Watches

Crocodile, snake, alligator, lizard, and other exotic skins go well with these watch dials. A casual leather band or a nylon strap is good to go.

Below are some easiest ways to match your watch dial with a leather strap color:

Based on color

  • If the watch dial is blue, then a blue leather band matches and suits perfectly.
  • If you are looking for some contrasting color, then select a blue leather shade. A rich contrasting color other than blue is also an excellent choice to go with. Blue dials are usually attractive and perfect with brown leather bands. They are one of the most amazing matches.
  • For silver or white dial, the leather strap color to be chosen are in the lighter shades. They tend to suit well. Choosing a black leather band is another good option.
  • Black dials go good with any color of leather bands. For non-contrasting colors, a black color leather band is the ultimate choice.

Based on timepiece markers and hands

A black watch dial goes very well with brown colored markers, and with it goes a brown leather band for a perfect match.

Based on lining and thread color

Same color- The leather band and watch dial should be of the same color to make a perfect match for your watch. On the same lines, the thread color needs to be of same color as that of hands and markers. This makes your watch complete.

Contrasting colors-When your markers and watch dials or hands have contrasting colors, then considering the same color may become too much. In such cases, you can select the color of the thread to be either shades of leather or leather itself.

Subtle look- For a subtle look, select a thread color and leather that is a good match with the color of the dial and the lining. It should also match the markers or hands of the watch dial.

Based on Fashion

Since Fashion is ever-changing, the blending of old with new elements in is the best fashion anytime. A band looking good with a dial is not just about taste but also your personality.

Begin with right color: A simple timepiece with a grey, black, or white touch of color can get brown, blue, or bolder shades such as orange, red, or yellow for a kick of fashion. The right color of the band with its watch dial will offer uniqueness to your overall personality. A new set of colors can be tried an experiment. However, try not to make them funky and bold. Instead, make your watch, you stand out in style.

Taste- Your taste depends on whether you want to set the trend or be with the crowd to be a crowd-pleaser. For instance, white luminescent hour markers with white can be matched with any color that can match your outfit. Say, you are wearing blue, then a blue band would go well with it. However, for a reasonably dark timepiece that has a black dial or a fluted dial, the blue band is equally good on that as well. Create a unique customized band according to your taste, which is even better as it reflects your creativity and style.

Style- Rubber vulcanized bands are great fashion and can be used for any occasion. A combat style fashioned band with a military touch is another style element. They are great for teenagers. A coordinating color that matches your watch dial and your style statement is the key.

The texture of the band- Your band color can add in with certain textures to add in style and uniqueness like matte or rugged. The colors can be enhanced with the addition of texture and complement your overall look.

Bottom Line

The watch band color and watch dial should be matched appropriately to enhance the style of your watch and you. As mentioned above, the colors of bands and dials can be matched accordingly. Even the lining and stitching thread color makes a substantial difference to the watch. Though different colors match and create a nice feeling to it, it is also equally essential to add your own uniqueness that matches your taste. Consider other factors like strap’s thickness, outfit, belt, shoes, and overall look, your watch can make a big deal of difference. Your watch can add to your personality and style. For regular wear, you can opt for certain common bands that suit almost any outfit. Investing in a matching band to dial colors is an addition to your overall look. With so many colors and so many types of watches with variant watch dials, it can get difficult to match the band with the dial. In the above article, you will get a fair idea on making the right decision in matching your watch band to your watch dial. This accessory is not only important for knowing time, but it is also timeless.

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