Why butterfly clasp And how to mount a butterfly clasp

Butterfly clasp have a lot of advantages over the normal buckles that a lot of watch straps have. The name butterfly clasp is related to butterflies because when you open it, it deploys like the wings on a butterfly. Some also just call the butterfly clasp for a deployment clasp.

It depends how big investment a new watch strap is, it can be from a few dollars up to several hundred dollars. What most leather watch strap have in common is that as soon as you start using it, it gets ugly where you bend it so it can get in the buckle. This is one of the reasons you should change to a butterfly clasp, because with the butterfly clasp you don’t bend the strap in the same way. Your strap will look good and last much longer if you use it with a butterfly clasp.

Style –

The butterfly clasp should be mandatory on all suit watches, just because they look so much more elegant. But also on rubber straps and more heavy duty watches the butterfly clasp is also the best choice. There is many different varieties of butterfly clasps, most are chinny silver but matt black has increased a lot in popularity. Match the clasp to your watch to get the perfect looking watch.

Over all butterfly clasp just make your watch look more expensive and make a better quality expression for the people you want to impress or just your own eyes.

Safety –

As we have written about before, the spring bars on your watch get way to little attention. That is off course because it is one of the only things keeping your watch safe around your wrist. Your buckle is also an essential part of keeping your watch safe on your wrist. Nato straps are also not keeping your watch as safe as the butterfly clasp because off the same reason.

The butterfly clasp is fitted to your watchstrap in the same way as buckles are, with a spring bar. Use the small fork side to remove the spring bar for the buckle you already have when you want to change to a butterfly clasp.

Another big advantage with the butterfly clasp is how it keep your strap always attached together. With normal buckles it is easy to lose your watch on the floor when you take it off or on, with the butterfly clasp your watch is safe around your wrist even when you deploy it.

Learn how to replace your watchstrap here (link)

Replace your buckle – Mount butterfly clasp.

Simply push back the spring bar with the fork end on your spring bar tool to remove your buckle. when mounting the butterfly clasp you just put the spring bar inside the strap, then do the opposite off what you did when you removed the buckle. Change the spring bar if it dont push out with some power or if its bent. If your not sure which width the butterfly clasp should be then measure your strap, thats the width the butterfly clasp should be.

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